The 10 Top Sweets! (in our warehouse)

The 10 Top Sweets! (in our warehouse)

Sat 15 Aug 2020 - Chris & James

Working in a warehouse surrounded by confectionary all day long is hard work; who wouldn’t want to just snack on them all day? We asked around and made a list of the 10 top sweets (in our warehouse). Enjoy reading the list while we go count our stock and try to need eat it all.

Number 10 – Maoam (Especially the Strawberry ones)

Maoams are the perfect cure for any sweet tooth, coming in a variety of mouth watering flavours. They are loved by kids and grownups alike, so rest assured, you’re going to love them.

Number 9 – Fizz Wizz Strawberry Popping Candy

Go back to 1979 when ZETA ESPCIAL S.A was established and became the world leading manufacturer of popping candy. To this day is is undoubtedly the king of retro sweet. You may remember it as ‘Space Dust’ but although the name has changed, the feeling of your mouth popping and exploding is the same. Mix it with ice cream or add them to a cake to make your deserts truly POP. This is our favourite popping candy cake recipe.

Number 8 – Galaxy Ripple

Debuting in England in the 1960s, the Galaxy Ripple is a less messy version of Cadbury’s Flake. Smooth and creamy Galaxy chocolate folded into unique, silky layers, wrapped in a chocolate shell, this melt in the mouth sensation hits out number 8 spot.

Number 7 – Haribo Tangfastics

Who doesn’t love a mini pack of fizzy sour gummy sweets with a sugar coating? Cherries, Cola Bottles, Dummies and Foam Crocodiles are great for any occasion which is why we include the treat size bags in many of sweet boxes.

Number 6 – The Wham Bar

The Wham Bar makes it to number 6 on our list which is a think pink coloured chew bar with green coloured pieces of sherbet inside. Available in a range of flavours, we stock Raspberry as you can’t beat the original. At their peak Wham Bars sold 30 million a year; a classic sweet so good, you’ll want another.

Number 5 – Fruit Salads

Now for what must be the oldest sweet on our list, Fruit Salads are Raspberry & Pineapple flavoured chews created in the 1920s. Around for the last 100 years, most of us have enjoyed one of these chews before. It’s been revamped with the ingredients now containing natural colours and flavouring but still retains that nostalgic taste. As of 2019 Barratt removed the gelatine from the chew making it suitable for vegetarians.

Number 4 – Topic Bar

Back to chocolate and the irresistible Topic bar. This chunky bar, loved and enjoyed for years, contains hazelnut soft nougat and smooth caramel coated in thick milk chocolate. The Topic bar was first introduced in 1962 main git a true British classic, and one of our office go to’s.

Number 3 – Drumstick Lolly

Taking the adults back to their youth is our number 3, the classic Swizzels Drumstick Chew Lolly. They have been enjoyed for over 60 years with the smooth creamy combination of raspberry and milk making them a favourite of sweet lovers for generations. The distinctive striped packaging mean they are easily recognised on any sweet shelf. A retro blast from the past.

Number 2 – Maltesers

There was no doubt that Maltesers would make it onto our list but the real thing to decide if how to eat them. Do you suck off the chocolate so you are left with the malted milk centre to crunch or just bit the whole thing; opinions have been divided. The perfect accompaniment to a film night, these small pieces of joy certainly bring a smile to our faces. A YouGov poll once saw them ranked as the most popular confectionary in the UK.

Number 1 – Kinder Mini Bar

Kinder Mini Bar is a fine milk chocolate bar with a milky filling, and it is perfect as a snack or a little treat. From the beginning I was invented for kids, which is why they come as smaller portions, but why should children have all the fun? The Kinder Chocolate gift boxes are the best selling box we have so they don’t hang around much in the warehouse, which is probably a good thing.

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